Safely Glide Patients To The Upright Position with

The Prevalon® Seated Positioning System

Reduce injury risks associated with boosting and repositioning

Your continuous efforts to keep patients comfortable in the bedside chair can put you at risk for back pain, sciatica and rotator cuff injuries.1 The Prevalon Seated Positioning System (SPS) was designed to make it easier for you to safely glide your patients into the optimal upright seated position without lifting and minimize the need for repetitive boosting. START A TRIAL

A safer way to keep them comfortable

The SPS is designed to help improve your safety while you care for your patients. The system includes an innovative one-way glide sheet that resists forward movement, ensuring the patient remains in the optimal position. It also features multi-grip handles to help promote proper ergonomics.

Promote comfort and compliance

One published study found that nurses were more likely to use SPS over traditional efforts of pulling patients upright in chairs. The use of the system enhanced nurses’ confidence and promoted greater compliance to their facility’s repositioning and mobilizing protocols.2

REFERENCE: 1. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Guidelines for nursing homes: ergonomics for the prevention  of musculoskeletal disorders, 2009.2. Kowal C, Enhancing Compliance to the Seated Position of a Hospital Mobility Bundle: A Mixed Method Case Study, Am J SPHM, 2014;4(1):8-14.

Prevalon Seated Positioning System


Safely Glide Your Patients to the Upright Position

The Prevalon Seated Positioning System makes it easier for clinicians to safely glide patients to an optimal upright-seated position without lifting. It is uniquely engineered to keep the seated patient in place, minimizing the need for repetitive boosting and repositioning. It is also comfortable for patients, which may improve their confidence and compliance to chair sitting.

Benefits For You and Your Patients

Reduces Boosting – The innovative one-way glide resists forward movement, ensuring patients remain in the optimal position.

Promotes Proper Ergonomics – The multi-grip handles improve healthcare worker posture and body mechanics.

Redistributes Pressure – Multi-chamber air cushion provides comfort and security while allowing patient to shift in chair.

Manages Moisture – The Microclimate Management Pad is effectively absorbent to protect patients’ skin while allowing air to flow through.



Prevalon Seated Position System

1 Seated Positioning Cushion with Fastener Strips
1 Microclimate Management Pad
5 systems/case
Reorder #7530
Reorder #7531 – High Elevation (Above 3000 ft.)


Prevalon Seated Position System

1 Seated Positioning Cushion with Fastener Strips
5 Microclimate Management Pads
3 systems/case
Reorder #7555
Reorder #7556 – High Elevation (Above 3000 ft.)


Microclimate Management Pad

30 pads/case (6 bags of 5)
Reorder #7550


SPS Training (Direct Link)

What the Experts Say

Protecting the Sacrum: Early Mobility and Preventing Pressure Ulcers (PDF)

Clinical Support

Repositioning Patients In Chairs: An Improved Method
Guy Fragala, PhD, PE, CSP, CSPHP and Maren Fragala, PhD, CSCSD
Workplace Health Safety, April 2013

Innovative Seated Positioning Device Improves Safe Patient Handling While Reducing Risk Factors for Pressure Ulcers and Falls
Craig Golden, MPT
Presented at NPUAP 13th Biennial Conference, Feb 22-23 2013

Enhancing Compliance to the Seated Portion of a Hospital Mobility Bundle: A Mixed Method Case Study (PDF)
Christopher Kowal, DNP, RN
St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, Syracuse, NY

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