For 49 years, our core belief has remained focused on prevention—that evidence-based interventions lead to improved outcomes. We never stand still. We’re constantly looking for problems to solve through innovation and delivering new solutions to help advance healthcare by preventing infection, improving care and reducing injury. Our promise is to enhance the power of prevention through innovation and improve healthcare for the millions of people we touch every day.

As we work to improve the healthcare industry, we also strive to improve ourselves – positively impacting the quality care for individuals and communities around the world. We remain dedicated to “keeping it personal” and never forgetting that our efforts have a direct impact on the lives of others. The investment we make today to improve care will result in a better, healthier tomorrow. Together we can make a healthier future a reality.


To be a global leader in healthcare by making a difference in peoples’ lives, committing to innovation, and living our culture.


Five key elements form the basis of our culture. They are tied to the theme of “keeping it personal.” We are committed to keeping it personal with:

Our People

  • Provide support for personal growth and professional development
  • Maintain effective reward and recognition programs that enable recruiting and retaining top talent
  • Provide a safe, positive and fun atmosphere that helps build an engaged workforce
  • Promote community involvement
  • Promote wellness as a way of life

Our Customers

  • Develop, produce and maintain the highest quality products 
  • Maintain a commitment to innovation that solves real problems 
  • Remain focused on continued improvement of our existing product lines 
  • Provide exceptional service to ensure extraordinary value

Our Leadership

  • Demonstrate high visibility and accessibility
  • Promote action-orientated and efficient decision making at every level
  • Practice the highest level of honesty, ethics, fairness and integrity

Our Community

  • Remain visible and active leaders within our community
  • Maintain a strong and collaborative corporate identity
  • Create community pride in being associated with Sage
  • Be the company of choice in the healthcare and local communities

Our Business

  • We are committed to continued sales growth and strong profitability ahead of the industry
  • We are committed to organic growth through an independent product development organization
  • We are committed to continued investment in clinical research outcomes for our products