Creating innovations that make the difference

At Sage, innovation is about solving problems that profoundly impact lives. We do not make “me too” products—we create new product categories and new markets. We identify unmet medical needs, develop new concepts, test and deliver unique solutions. This process truly differentiates us as a company. We continuously create innovative products that matter to you, your patients and families.

Understanding your world and your challenges

We take a hands-on approach by constantly asking nurses and clinicians like you what can be done to help you and your patients. We’re driven to identify gaps in process and develop brand new concepts. This results in easy-to-use solutions that are designed to help make care more efficient and effective.

A unique process results in extraordinary outcomes

Our innovative development process is supported by research combined with direct feedback. We ask questions. We observe and listen. We also leverage relationships with a number of academic institutions to field test and develop clinical data. We use all of this information to ensure that we create solutions that deliver extraordinary outcomes.


Comprehensive Oral Care

We are a true pioneer of clinical oral care. Our history of oral care innovation has helped set the standard now recognized in professional guidelines. click image for larger view.


Healthcare Worker Injury Prevention

We remain a leader in this category by offering innovative and diverse product lines to protect caregivers. click image for larger view.